Top quality sources to find free and paid landing page templates in 2023

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Top quality sources to find free and paid landing page templates in 2023

A few weeks ago I started to build a landing page for my company, GUU Labs, and I realized how hard is to find some good starting points.

Here is a list with the best ones that I’ve found, written in various frameworks, take a look and find what suits you best:

  • Astro.js, if you’re planning to use it, they have this list with a lot of free and paid templates.
  • Wicked Templates is offering some really good paid starters built in HTML 5 & Tailwind.
  • Cruip is by far one of the best paid options that you have out there, the templates look good and can be downloaded in React.js, Next.js, Vue.js or Laravel. Besides this, you also get a Figma or Sketch designs, making it very easy to edit your assets.
  • One Page Love has this very long list with a ton of templates written in various frameworks and it also includes some for Framer or Webflow.
  • If coding is not your expertise Webflow has some crazy good templates and if you want something simpler Framer is your buddy.
  • Built At Light Speed is a really big aggregator where you can find a lot of stuff.
  • Next.js Templates offer some good free starter templates for Next.js.
  • Tailwind Awesome will be a nice place for all the Tailwind fans out there.
  • Coming Soon Kit offers an interesting package with 45+ one page templates available in Tailwind & Figma or in Webflow & Figma.
  • shadcn/ui is a really good components library to help build that landing page almost from scratch.
  • Radix UI was the inspiration for shadcn/ui, check it out!
  • MUI has some really good templates built with MUI in React.js and Next.js, these are more focused for a dashboard type of project.

May this help you do your best work!

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