Debug Jest Unit Tests with VS Code breakpoints in React Native

An excellent way to debug your Jest unit tests is by adding breakpoints in the .test.ts file and also in the .ts one.

How to deploy on iOS 16 using Xcode 13

If you want to deploy the app to a physical device running iOS 16, you don’t need to use Xcode 14.

How did we fix a massive CPU perfomance issue in our React Native iOS app

Our users started to give us bad app reviews complaining about scroll lag, keyboard typing lag and an overall bad experience.

How to fix Circular Dependencies in React Native

Circular dependencies are usually ignored, this can accumulate over time and produce all sort of unexpected issues.

Share data between React Native and iOS widgets

Having access to app’s data in your widget extension is a basic need and how do it is pretty straight up.

Link an AppGroup Id to your iOS App

Registering a new App Group Id is not ennough if you want to make it work with your app.

Register a new AppGroup Id on iOS

Registering a new App Group Id is one of the first steps required to be done in order to be able to share data between your app and any other...

Register a new App Id on iOS

Registering a new App Id is one of the first things you need to do when starting a new iOS project.

A nice use-case for React Native Portals

Some days ago we encountered a problem that seemed very time consuming to resolve it.

Should you use React Native? Take a 3 minutes Quiz to find out.

React Native is definitely not for everybody and you can easily get lost, here is some light guidance for you.

Use Messenger to optimize your reservation process

I will show you an online reservation solution using the power of social media inside Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Testing code in React Native

We already know that React Native is a great framework which helps you to ship apps easily on iOS, Android and many other platforms. By doing this kind of multi-platform...

Another React Native upgrade story

You already know that a React Native upgrade is not an easy process. Depending from which version of react native you start to upgrade there are a lot of things...