Link an AppGroup Id to your iOS App

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Link an AppGroup Id to your iOS App

Registering a new App Group Id is not ennough if you want to make it work with your app.

You need to update your provisioning profile from your app and any other app extension that will be included in your app group.

Here is how to do it.

Go to your Apple Dev account

Select Certificates, IDs & Profiles.


Select your App ID.


Select “App Groups” then select Continue.


Select Register, now your app has this capability but no AppGroup Id is associated yet.


To associate an App Group Id go back to “All Identifiers” page and select your App ID, now you’ll see a new “Configure” button, select and choose an AppGroup Id from that list, then select “Continue”.


Select “Save” then select “Register” and that’s it, now you have linked your AppGroup Id with your iOS app.


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